02/10/2012 07:39 BST | Updated 02/10/2012 09:01 BST

Jeremy Forrest Pictured In French Court As He Agrees To Extradition In Megan Stammers Case

Jeremy Forrest, the runaway maths teacher, has made his first public appearance since being arrested in France on suspicion of child abduction as a French court agreed to his extradition back to the UK.

Forrest, 30, is reported to have looked relaxed in the Bordeaux court as he faced proceedings which are likely to see him back in the UK on Thursday.

Daniel Lalanne, Forrest's French lawyer, had already stated that he would not contest extradition proceedings so that he can be "closer to the one he loves".

Forrest has appeared in court in Bordeaux to face extradition proceedings

Wearing a checked shirt and pale purple t-shirt, Forrest stood with his hands clasped as the judge recapped details of his time spent on the run with 15-year-old Megan Stammers.

He spoke to confirm his name, age, address and nationality.

The court asked Forrest if he could be charged with anything other than kidnapping a minor to which he shook his head.

Forrest and Stammers were apprehended on Friday after Forrest desperately attempted to find employment in bars across Bordeaux. The couple had only 10 euros between them when found.

He was led into the court in handcuffs

Despite being the subject of a continental manhunt, Forrest submitted numerous copies of a CV containing a mugshot to various bars.

The couple were found by French police after the manageress of a British bar recognised them and tipped off the authorities.

Forrest, Stammers' teacher at Bishop Bell C of E School in Eastbourne, has been imprisoned in a high-security French jail on suspicion of child abduction since Friday and will be kept in detention until his removal.

Outside court, Forrest's British lawyer, Phil Smith, said: "Now that he has agreed to be extradited to the UK, we look forward to the full story emerging.

"He is very appreciative of the support of his family," said Mr Smith, and "concerned about the impact of this on all those concerned".

Forrest will be extradited back to the UK on Thursday

The teenager has already returned to her hometown and been reunited with mother Danielle Wilson and stepfather Martin Stammers.

Appearing in the dock flanked by a female interpreter and two security guards, Forrest was asked if he agreed to return to the UK to explain himself to the British court authorities, to which he replied "Yes".

The court in the south-western town's Place de la Republique was packed with French and British media as reporters and cameramen and women crammed into the building ahead of the short hearing.

One lawyer, who did not want to be named, said it was likely that Forrest would be returned as soon as the court rubber-stamped the extradition.

Forrest's lawyers Henrietta Ronson of England, right, and Daniel Lalanne of France arrive at Bordeaux airport

Megan was reported missing when she failed to turn up for school and it emerged she had travelled to France with Forrest, sparking a highly-publicised search.

The pair were spotted on CCTV cameras on a cross-Channel ferry from Dover and later tracked to Bordeaux.

Megan's headteacher, Terry Boatwright, said the school would offer support to the teenager and her family "as they seek to return to some sort of normality".