BBC Handling Of Jimmy Savile Allegations Highlighted By Anne Main MP In Letter To Lord Leveson

Anne Main MP Writes To Leveson Over BBC Handling Of Jimmy Savile Allegations

Below is a full transcript of the letter Anne Main MP has addressed to Lord Justice Leveson urging his Inquiry to look into the BBC's handling and reporting of the allegations made against Sir Jimmy Savile:

Dear Lord Justice Leveson,

You will have no doubt seen the allegations about the "culture, practice and ethics" of the BBC, its corporate governance staff, and coverage of allegations made of Jimmy Savile in recent days.

These are very serious allegations - and indeed, at the very least, of the same gravity levelled at some newspaper groups of which your Inquiry has heard extensive and lengthy evidence. Given that your Inquiry's remit also covers the UK's broadcasters I have concerns that the public would find it incomprehensible that such serious allegations have only been looked at internally by the BBC.

The BBC remains a central and key part of setting the news agenda in the UK. Indeed, it also funded by the British taxpayer, and the public deserve to know fully about the "culture, practice and ethics" at the BBC.

Indeed, your Inquiry has also heard from many that statutory regulation should be imposed upon the press, however it begs the question what impact that statutory regulation has had on the BBC.

As you reminded us on the 24th July:

"...I have said, if anything happens over the next months which I feel impacts on the work of the Inquiry, I will not hesitate in bringing it up, and if that means that we will rendezvous back in this room again, so be it ...."

Given the huge public interest about the "culture, practice and ethics" of the national broadcaster, and that your Inquiry is not yet concluded, I believe it would be timely and relevant and within remit to incorporate an investigation into the handling and reporting of numerous allegations some of which are still coming forward into the public domain.

Given the public interest in your ongoing Inquiry and the controversy that is surrounding the actions of the BBC I have made a copy of this letter public.

With best wishes,

Anne Main MP


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