05/10/2012 14:23 BST

Dog Imitates Ceiling Fan (VIDEO)

And now, please allow us to share with you: a dog mimicking a ceiling fan... which comes to us courtesy of those marvellous people at Petsami.

Personally, we're always terrified of those fans and are plagued with terrible horror-film-style visions of being decapitated whenever we see one. But it's safe to say that this pooch doesn't share our fear.

Also, note the fella in the background who says of the dog: "He's like a cat." Like a cat? We really don't think so, pal. It's as much as we can do to wake our cat to have some food: the chances of him jumping around like this energetic mutt are pretty minimal.

Anyway, want to see some more dogs bouncing up and down? Ah, go on then...