Men Spending Almost As Much As Women On Beauty Products And Fashion, Says Poll

Men Spend Almost As Much As Women On Beauty Products - Surprised?

Men are fast catching up with women when it comes to how much they spend on looking good, according to a poll.

Women spend an average of £2,462 a year on beauty products and fashionable clothes, the study for online casino found.

Men, meanwhile, were revealed to spend £1,786 on average on male grooming products and clothes, some £50 less per month than women.

Spending on male grooming is almost level with that of women

London-based women were found to be the biggest spenders. They spend around £2,700 a year on looking good, with men not far behind on more than £2,350.

The poll of 1,000 men and women also found people in other big cities, including Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Liverpool, had above-average rates of spending.

One male poll participant said: "I wouldn't go as far as slapping on a face mask every night but I definitely buy more beauty products than I used to.

"I can remember my dad's cosmetic shelf consisted of a bar of soap and a bottle of Old Spice but I have a cabinet full of products."

One female respondent said: "Better-dressed and better-groomed men are much more attractive to a woman these days.

"I have been out shopping with my boyfriend before and on occasions he has been known to spend more than me on hair products."

A spokesman for said: "Men's fashion has probably come on more in the last decade than it has over the past century so it's no wonder that guys are spending more money on themselves.

"What is more unexpected is just how close their average spending is to that of women, something which wouldn't have been the case a decade ago."