08/10/2012 08:52 BST | Updated 09/10/2012 10:36 BST

Nigella Lawson Diet: Twitter Queen Posts 'Portion Control' Pictures

Nigella's fans could be forgiven for struggling to understand how the cooking queen keeps her wrap-dress body so happily curvy, while making up desserts such as the ice-cream brioche sandwich (as recently demonstrated in her new Italian-inspired cooking series Nigellissima).

However, since returning from the States late last month, Ms Lawson has been posting Twitter pics that hint at a new focus on portion and carb control.

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While based in Los Angeles, filming new TV show The Taste (alongside gonzo food writer Anthony Bourdain), Ms Lawson certainly enjoyed her fair share of fabulous-looking meals.

However, since returning home, it's been observed by the Daily Mail that Ms Twitterissima -- famous for posting mouth-watering pics from her daily outings in the kitchen -- has been snapping more moderate home-made meals.


Recent photos suggest low-carb, smaller sized dishes have become more central to her diet in past weeks -- although Nigella also highlighted to an inquisitive that her trim figure owes much to regular exercise.

According to dietician Sasha Watkins from the British Dietetic Association, Nigella's approach is likely to help the star maintain a healthy weight, although she may want to consider popping a few more veggies on her plate.

Watkins says: "In order to lose weight you need to have a calorie deficit which is achieved either by increasing the amount of exercise you do or by eating less.

"Eating smaller portions of the meals would definitely help weight loss but it is also important to make sure your meals are balanced and you are getting the right nutrients to stay healthy.'

Take a look at Nigella's recent meal choices...

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