David And Samantha Cameron Recreate Bob Dylan Album Cover (PICTURE)

LOOK: The Freewheelin' David Cameron - PM Recreates Classic Bob Dylan Album Cover

Ladies and gentlemen, we can only apologise in advance. Because what you're about to see is... The Freewheelin' David Cameron:

Will our Prime Minister stop at nothing in his attempt to ruin cool music for us? First it was Gillian Welch. Then it was Pink Floyd. And now it's Saint Bob. Someone stop him in his blood on the tracks now!

Mind you, we shouldn't be surprised. David and Samantha Cameron being snapped while 'popping out for a curry' in Birmingham is just the latest in a long line of 'spontaneous' photos of the Prime Minister looking 'casual'. Whether it's riding his bike, holidaying in Cornwall or attempting to play sport, here are some of our favourite pictures of David Cameron trying to prove that he's Just Like One Of Us:


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