10/10/2012 14:54 BST

Sheikh Rashid Boasts 'Arab Money Talks' After Police Return Confiscated Ferrari

The heir to a billionaire sheikh said police had given him back his £200,000 Ferrari FF, confiscated for being uninsured, because "Arab money talks".

But Scotland Yard called the young sheikh's bluff, saying he had been fined for vehicle and it had only been returned to him with the correct documentation.

Sheik Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, 28, son of the Emir of Ajman, boasted on Facebook that his super car had been returned, complete with pictures and smiley faces.

My Ferrari got seized in London, then they found out who I was and gave it back.

“Arab money talks :D”.

Scotland Yard told the Evening Standard that the car was returned after the owner obtained insurance, produced a valid driving licence and paid a fine, recovery fee and storage costs.

The car had previously been displayed outside New Scotland Yard to highlight a campaign against uninsured drivers. Its unusual black-and-orange paintwork are the brand colours of R Holding, a leisure and property conglomerate owned by the sheikh.

The Ferrari was one of 300 cars seized in a 24-hour crackdown, part of Operation Cubo which has seen almost 37,000 uninsured vehicles confiscated since October last year.