10/10/2012 09:39 BST | Updated 09/12/2012 10:12 GMT

Taiwanese Military Asks Apple To Blur Top Secret Radar Base Revealed In iOS 6 Maps

Taiwan will formally ask Apple to blur images of a secret military base after it was revealed in full definition on its new Maps app.

The tech giant launched its new Maps solution on iOS 6, the latest upgrade of its iPod Touch, iPhone an iPad operating system.

But after a series of blunders and heavy criticism of the App for missing or inaccurate data, it now has the Taiwanese military to contend with too.

The defence ministry were apparently alerted to the problem when the Liberty Times newspaper printed a satellite photo of a top-secret radar base in Hsinchu, in the north of the country.

According to the AFP, the ministry's spokesman David Lo told reporters:

"Regarding images taken by commercial satellites, legally we can do nothing about it.

"But we'll ask Apple to lower the resolution of satellite images of some confidential military establishments the way we've asked Google in the past."

It is unclear whether Apple has yet received the request, and it has not said what action it will take.

The base houses an ultra-high frequency, $1.2bn radar, supplied by an American defence company called Raytheon. Officials say it can detect incoming missiles as far away as the northwest of China.

The radar has installed partly as a response to increasing tensions with China, which some experts say has more than 1,600 ballistic missiles aimed at the island.