O2 Twitter Uses Street Slang To Communicate With Customer Tunde Over Broadband Failure

'Have You Tried To Reset The Router Ting Fam?'

An O2 employee had a tongue-in-cheek response to a customer complaining about his internet connection, replying to him using the same street slang.

The hilarious conversation was retweeted thousands of times, between the infuriated "Tunde" who was having problems with his broadband, and the customer service Twitter was endeavouring to help, using words such as “fam”, and "ting".

After failing to fix the broadband, the Twitter account urges Tunde to call them, but using outdated slang, mocked by the customer.

The original tweets have had more than 3,500 retweets, but Tunde, who said he was taking English A-Level, said the language was meant to be mocking, and criticised people for portraying him as stupid and illiterate.


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