12/10/2012 14:42 BST

Google Maps-A-Like App Pulled From Apple's App Store

An unofficial 'clone' of Google Maps which briefly hit the iOS App Store has been pulled.

ClassicMaps was produced as an alternative to Apple's own highly-criticised Maps service, included in its recent iOS 6 update.

The Apple app had been criticised for missing and inaccurate data, and poor directions.

Classic Maps was built around the standard Google Maps view and interface, including the roll-up style of Apple's original maps. It lacked street view and navigation but was otherwise similar the Maps app many know and love.

But now the app has been pulled, with the developer Katsumi Kishikawa claiming it was "Apple's decision".

The move is strange in context of Apple CEO Tim Cook's recent apology in which he urged customers to use competing mapping services, including those by Google and Microsoft.

It is not known exactly why ClassicMaps was pulled or if it may return.