13/10/2012 15:37 BST

Pakistan Car Bomb 'Kills 15' In Market Town Of Darra Adam Khel

A car bomb in the north-west of Pakistan has killed at least 15 and wounded 30 more, according to local security forces.

The bomb, planted in the town of Darra Adam Khel has yet to be claimed by any official group, but the government believes it may have been aimed at a militia set up to prevent Taliban attacks.

The militant group have been blamed for a number of attacks in the area in the past.

darra adam khel

The bomb wrecked shops and vehicles in the town, killing at least 15 people

According to the BBC, the blast took place outside a local "peace committee", which consisted of a number of former Taliban allies who had switched allegiance to the government and local authorities.

It is unclear what the makeup of the 15 people killed are - how many were "peace committee" members and how many were civilians caught in the attack.

The Guardian reports that 15 shops and eight vehicles were damaged or destroyed in the bombing.

darra adam khel

The government has been clashing with Pakistani Taliban forces in the region

The wounded are being treated in the town, however some of the more serious casualties have been taken to Peshawar, less than a hour from the town, for more extensive treatment.

The area has been a flashpoint for violence recently, with the Pakistani government launching a campaign to break up the Pakistani Taliban influence in the area.

Darra Adam Khel was victim to a devastating suicide bombing in November 2010, which killed 70 people at a mosque during Friday prayers.