15/10/2012 07:40 BST

Oxford University Releases Sample Of Weird Interview Questions

Put your thinking caps on - Oxford University has released its annual sample interview question, in order to put potential applicants' minds at rest.

Asking why humans have two eyes and whether poetry should be difficult to understand are among the questions asked by admissions tutors.

Every year the university, which was recently ranked number two in the world, releases a selection of questions to the public.

"The interview is only one part of the Oxford admissions process," Mike Nicholson, director of undergraduate admissions, says. "But for many students it is the part that makes them the most anxious.

"We know most students won't have experienced this sort of academic interview before, so as much as possible we want to show students what they are really like so they aren’t put off by what they might have heard."

A sample of Oxford University interview questions. Can you answer any?

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"Most interviews don’t involve strange or irrelevant-sounding questions at all," Nicholson adds. "We hope seeing some of the less obvious questions will reassure students that tutors aren't trying to see how quickly students get the "right" answer or demonstrate their specialist knowledge, but how they respond to new ideas.

"We know there are still lots of myths about the Oxford interview, so we put as much information as possible out there to allow students to see behind the hype to the reality of the process."


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