16/10/2012 09:18 BST

Abu Hamza: US Mug Shot Is First Picture In Eight Years (PICTURES)

Pictured for the first time in eight years, radical cleric Abu Hamza looks dazed as he stares into the camera for his American mug shot.

The picture of sullen Hamza, extradited to the US on terrorism charges was released by the United States Marshals Service.

Only court portraits have been released of the 54-year-old Egyptian for the duration of his eight-year-long failed legal battle to avoid extradition

abu hamza

Pictured: Abu Hamza on his arrival to the US on terrorism charges

When Hamza arrived in the US, guards demanded he give up wearing his hooks for hands, because they could be used as weapons.

During his initial court appearance, Hamza's lawyer Sabrina Shroff requested the judge to return the metal hooks - but was denied.

He will be fitted with standard-issue rubber prosthetic hands.

Hamza's trial is scheduled to take place in August next year.