16/10/2012 18:22 BST | Updated 16/10/2012 18:23 BST

England World Cup Qualifier V Poland Called Off Because Of Rain

England's World Cup qualifier against Poland had to be called off after heavy rain left the Warsaw pitch unplayable.

Extensive rain fell on the Polish capital for about eight hours on Tuesday, leaving huge puddles of water on the pitch at the National Stadium long before the game was due to start.

England coach Roy Hodgson tries the pitch in Warsaw

Italy referee Gianluca Rocci inspected the pitch at 9pm, but by then it was clear the game would not be going ahead but a final decision was not made for another 45 minutes.

The match has been rescheduled for 4pm on Wednesday but England coach Roy Hodgson has expressed doubts the pitch will be playable by then.

"I'm rather hoping they'll get it (the roof) closed now as quickly as possible and start to do some work on the pitch because at the moment the pitch is in very poor condition. Water is lying on the surface," he told Sky Sports.

"It's going to need a lot of attention if it's going to be playable tomorrow afternoon."