17/10/2012 19:15 BST | Updated 18/10/2012 05:46 BST

Chelsea Clinton Suggests Hillary Could Run In 2016, Hints At Her Own Future Political Career

Chelsea Clinton has indicated her mother, Hillary Clinton, would consider running for president again and hinted that she too is open to running for elected office one day.

The daughter of the secretary of state and former president Bill Clinton dropped heavy clues on Wednesday that her mother had not given up the dream of becoming the first female president.

Hillary Clinton has said she will step down as Barack Obama's secretary of state at the end of one term, whether the president secures re-election or not.

Asked whether her mother would take another shot at capturing the White House in 2016, the younger Clinton said: "I hope she will get some well deserved rest and stay off an airplane for a while."

"I want her to do whatever she wants to do, I am so proud of my mum and everything she does.

"I know she will make whatever the right choice is for her in the future, that will ultimately be the right choice for our family and for our world."

Speaking to the BBC's Newsnight programme from Nigeria, Chelsea Clinton, who is now a special correspondent for NBC News, also said she could be interested in following her parents into elected politics.

"I don't know, to take office I'd have to be elected," she said when asked about her political ambitions. "I honestly don't know, before my mum's campaign in 2008, I would have said no, not as a result of any long deliberate thoughtful process, but because people have been asking me that for as long as I can remember."

She added: "I fee a strong call to public service, there are many ways to serve, my mother's life is a testament to that.

"Watching my mother, and watching many people and women like her, who have advocated in civil society and outside government, there are many ways to be a public servant. I dont know what the right answer will be for me in the longer term."