17/10/2012 07:29 BST

Dog's Morning Routine (VIDEO)

It's now time for us all to settle down and watch this utterly brilliant video - created by YouTuber charlitabonita10 - of a dog going through her morning routine.

You all know the drill. Her iPhone alarm wakes her up, she brushes her teeth, reads Cosmo on the loo, has something to eat, watches a spot of breakfast TV then drives to work. (Yeah, the dog drives to work. What of it?)

Our only concern is that we're not too keen on the look of that breakfast. From where we're sitting - in a chair, at our desk, facing the computer - it appears to be a piece of processed meat sandwiched between two slices of marble cake. Could we recommend some nice cornflakes for tomorrow morning?

Anyway, this dog isn't alone. It turns out that quite a few animals behave like humans - as our slideshow clearly proves...