17/10/2012 17:36 BST | Updated 18/10/2012 08:26 BST

Victorian Society Highlights 10 Most Threatened Landmarks In England And Wales (PICTURES)

An ivy-shrouded cemetery chapel, a London street scheme and a reservoir "spillway" resembling an immense staircase are among the 10 most threatened Victorian and Edwardian structures in England and Wales.

Also on the list of most at-risk buildings from the period are a rare early railway station, a former county hall and an abandoned church which have all fallen into a state of disrepair.

langton dock pumphouse

The Langton Dock Pumphouse on Merseyside which has become derelict

The Victorian Society published the list of the 10 most threatened buildings after calling on the public to highlight at-risk Victorian and Edwardian heritage.

The society said the solutions for the buildings varied, with some requiring the local authority to step in to protect them and others needing a rethink of plans for them.

Most need urgent action, the organisation said.

Chris Costello, director of the Victorian Society, said: "The public responded enthusiastically to our call for threatened buildings. It shows the public cares - but it also shows there are still too many historic buildings at risk, without recognition or protection.

butterley spillway

The wonderfully-named Butterley Spillway in West Yorkshire

"Whether the solution is restoration or finding a new use for a building, it always takes money and often a long time.

"In the meantime it's vital that historic buildings are secured against weather and vandals. We owe it to future generations to ensure such memorable buildings are still around in 100 years."

The Victorian Society is calling on the public to help in protecting historic buildings.

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