Pu Pu Hot Pot - And Other Hilarious Restaurant Names (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: World's Funniest Restaurant Names

So it turns out the hairdressers of the world don't have the monopoly on amusing business names. There are plenty of takeaway and restaurant owners with a sense of humour out there - as editor/pun-lover Ben Brusey has discovered.

And now - after some no-doubt-painstaking research eating kebabs and hotpot around the world - Ben's gathered all the names together in one rib-tickling 224-page book, Pu Pu Hot Pot: The World's Best Restaurant Names (Viking).

We've had a good old belly-laugh at all of them - but this, without a doubt, is our favourite:

It's not even a pun. It's just an insult. And yet business appears to be thriving.

Anyway, there are plenty more where that came from...

Yac Donalds

Pu Pu Hot Pot: The World's Best Restaurant Names

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