22/10/2012 07:39 BST

Cute Cat Goes Undercover In Laundry Basket (VIDEO)

As every cat knows, you can't always just stroll over to your water bowl unhindered. Sometimes, there's stuff in the way like other cats and dogs and mice and stupid humans who want to pick you up and make a ridiculously OTT fuss of you.

The solution? Well, for YouTuber popcornchickity's cat Mickey, it comes in the form of an upturned laundry basket that doubles as an excellent disguise. After all, nobody's going to look twice at a plastic basket edging its way across the kitchen floor, are they?

Polite hat-tip to our US cousins at The Huffington Post for first sending him our way.

So Mickey's a pretty sneaky pet - but then it turns out he's just one of many...