22/10/2012 14:27 BST

Royal Marines Charged With Murdering Afghan Insurgent Released

Five Royal Marines charged with murder following an incident in Afghanistan have been released from custody.

The marines had been held in military custody since their arrest earlier this month in connection with the killing of an insurgent.

After a behind-closed-doors hearing at Colchester Military Court Centre on Monday, Judge Jeff Blackett released them back to their units with restrictions placed on their movements.

Reporting restrictions preventing the men's identification were extended to a hearing at Bulford Military Court in Wiltshire on 5 November.

Following the hearing, the marines were ushered out of a back door into a blacked-out car.

All five are charged with the murder of an unknown Afghan national on or about 15 September last year.

The case relates to the death of a man during an engagement with an insurgent. No civilians were involved.

The judge made the order preventing the identification of the marines and any details of their next of kin under armed forces rules and the Contempt of Court Act.

He said it would be an interim order which would be reviewed following full submissions from the prosecution, defence and media at the next hearing.