22/10/2012 05:48 BST | Updated 22/10/2012 05:51 BST

Presidential Debate: Robin Cooper Calls The White House With Advice For Obama (AUDIO)

Think Barack Obama needs to do some work on his act before the next US presidential debate? You're not the only one.

Robert Popper's alter ego Robin Cooper - of 'The Timewaster Letters' fame - decided to call the White House comment line with a few suggestions on how the President could improve. His first tip? Get those notes laminated. It presents a far more professional impression, you see.

You can listen to the full hilarious conversation in the audio clip above. But as an aside, we must say we're very impressed with the incredibly nice lady who answers the phone and listens politely as Robin outlines his thoughts. Mind you, she doubtless has to listen to this kind of nonsense for real all day long.

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