Conrad Black Spars With 'Priggish, Gullible Fool' Paxman On Newsnight And Sky News 'Jackass' Adam Boulton (VIDEO)

Conrad Black Spars With Paxman On Newsnight (VIDEO)

Fallen media mogul and, more recently, convicted fraudster Conrad Black engaged in a bitter, cynical and candid interview with Jeremy Paxman on Monday's Newsnight, before a surreal interview with Sky News' Adam Boulton on Tuesday afternoon.

In the interview with Paxman, Black, convicted of defrauding investors for three years before his release in May, tore into the American justice system, denying the charges against him.

"99.5% of prosecutions in the US are convicted, the whole system is a fraudulent, fascistic conveyor belt for the corrupt prison system," he protests to a bemused Paxman.

The two sparred over semantics - Black insisted he is not a criminal, Paxman insisted he is - before Black called out Paxman for "bourgeois priggishness" for not questioning the US justice system.

Black branded the BBC man a "priggish, gullible, British fool", and said he had been "persecuted half to death". He later said Paxman should be pleased he got through the interview "without getting up and smashing [Paxman's] face in."

Black, a member of the House of Lords, also implied he fully intends to return to the red benches, claiming there is nothing preventing someone serving a prison sentence before returning to the Lords - good news for expenses fiddler Baron Taylor of Warwick.

The 68-year-old then took his charm offensive on to Sky News' Boulton & Co. on Tuesday afternoon, where he told host Adam Boulton to "stop being a jackass", in an interview you can watch below.

The ex-media mogul is also set to appear on Have I Got News For You this Friday, on which he'll have to show a thicker skin than he has so far in order to survive.

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