23/10/2012 09:15 BST

How To Have The Perfect 'Lie In' When The Clocks Go Back (TIPS/PICTURES)

Despite the health benefits of sleep, one in three of us don't get enough, according to research by the British Heart Foundation.

So why not take advantage of National Sleep In day on October 28 (the day the clocks go back) to enjoy some extra time in the warmth and comfort of your bed, without any of the guilt!

While, it's only natural to want to stay tucked up when it’s cold and dark outside, sometimes we can struggle to stay in bed and enjoy a little extra snooze time, according to industry body The Sleep Council.

Says Sleep Council spokesperson Jessica Alexander: “Creating – and maintaining – the perfect sleep environment is an essential part of achieving the best possible quality sleep, which is vital for health and wellbeing. Public health campaigns constantly remind us about the essentials of good diet and exercise but there’s no advice about sleep.”

Here are the organisation's tip for making the most of having a lie-in, or for any other day when you don’t have to get up straight away.

'How To Have A Lie In' Tips

If you're still having problems, perhaps try The Sleep Council's interactive, online tool, which allows users to see, at-a-glance, the effect changing different elements in a bedroom can have on sleep quality.

The site features a bedroom graphic that focuses on the five key ingredients for creating the perfect sleep environment: temperature, light, distraction, comfort and relaxation.