24/10/2012 05:28 BST | Updated 24/10/2012 08:53 BST

Ban Ki-Moon Dances To Gangnam Style With Psy (VIDEO)

First Britney, now Ban Ki-moon.

The UN general secretary certainly led to a few raised eyebrows (and pleas to make it stop) when he danced to Gangnam style with South Koran rapper Psy during a meeting at UN headquarters.

South Korean singer Psy (R) visits UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the United Nations

While one wag on Twitter asked for the world to "please give it a rest, even just for a day or two" we thought it was time for a video slideshow for other celebs indulging in the dance craze.

"I was thinking about you when you were coming - you know we have tough negotiations in the United Nations. In such a case I was also thinking of playing the Gangnam Style dance so that everybody would stop and dance, maybe you can bring UN style," the diplomat told Psy.

Ban Ki-moon also met record-breaking skydiver Felix Baumgartner on Tuesday - who offered to give him lessons after his 24 mile free fall.

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