Ban Ki-moon

To carry on as before would be a colossal and costly mistake, Ban Ki-moon and Patrick Verkooijen write.
Divided, we will perish. United we have a fighting chance to address our climate emergency, write Ban Ki-moon and Patrick Verkooijen.
Monday evening, I walked alongside Nelson Mandela's wife Graca Machel, businessman and philanthropist Richard Branson and
What can we do? We can will our time, money and attention towards this, this quality in human nature, in our own natures, in these institutions, and the untold and unsung millions working for the greater good. Thus, we and our children may yet see the time when the phoenix rises from the ashes. So, do take that thought into your day with your morning coffee. Where there's a will, we may still find the way.
Traditionally, when white smoke comes over the Vatican in St Peter's Square, Rome, it is the sign that the College of Cardinals
There may be obstacles on the way to reaching our peacekeeping goals, but we are more committed and determined than ever to overcome them in order to ensure peacekeeping delivers for the UK and the wider world.
The World needs a UN Secretary General able to lead the organization through an extraordinary array of global challenges, in a time when there is no substitute for the United Nations legitimacy. The race has just had its first round.
Copyright UNA-UK/Ed Thompson London's Central Hall Westminster was filled to its 2,000 seat capacity on last Friday, 5 February
In January 1977, the UN Commission for Social Development (CSocD) met in Geneva for its 25th session, under the chairmanship
Member of the UN Security Council approved a resolution on Friday outlining a peace process for Syria involving talks by