24/10/2012 17:14 BST | Updated 24/12/2012 10:12 GMT

Jurassic Park Tech: How The Velociraptors Worked In The Classic Dinosaur Movie (VIDEO)

The world of science recently suffered a collective heartbreak, after it was announced cloning of dinosaurs is impossible.

So it looks like - for now - we won't be running away in mortal terror from velociraptors. Dang.

However, we still have Jurassic Park - and now a new set of exclusive footage has emerged explaining how the men-in-suits costumes by the Stan Winston School actually worked in the movie.

Take a look above - it's surprisingly low-tech but undoubtedly awesome. Someone should build a park where actors have to dress like this all the time. Then again, they'd probably just run amok and attack Jeff Goldblum.