Breast Cancer Screening Bra 'Catches 90% Of Tumours In Tests' (VIDEO)

A bra which hope to detect breast cancer in wearers, before it can be seen in traditional scans, has shown promising early results.

In a series of clinical trials, the bra successfully detected over 90% of breast tumours at a very early stage.

According to a video by US development company First Warning Systems, the breast screening device detects changes to breast tissue before they can be seen on a mammogram or MRI scan.

The bra is lined with sensors that detect changes to temperature in breast tissue, which indicate a developing tumour. If a change occurs the device will submit data to the internet to see whether a tumour is growing in the breast tissue.

First Warning Systems' Breast Tissue Screening Bra

The video explains that due to the denseness of breast tissue in women under 40, it is difficult for mammograms to detect cancerous tissue.

But if this device can improve early detection rates, it could lead to better outcomes for women suffering from the disease.

Matt Benardis, Chief of Operations, First Warning Systems, Inc. told HuffPost UK Lifestyle: "The purpose of the First Warning Systems bra is not to replace the mammogram, but to offer the access and ability of objective accurate screening to women of all ages, but especially those with dense breast tissue and those at ages outside of the current recommended screening protocols--those under the age of 40.

"Women are currently not screened under the age of 40 because of the relative ineffectiveness of the mammogram's imaging capabilities in dense breast, especially given the compressive and radiative nature of the mammo.

"Our clinical trials have gone head-to-head against the screening mammo to compare the effectiveness of the First Warning Systems bra in breast where the mammo is not effective or valuable."

In the UK, women in the UK are not regularly screened for breast cancer until their 50s.