25/10/2012 08:17 BST | Updated 25/10/2012 08:43 BST

George Osborne Refuses To Confirm If He's Ever Travelled Standard Class

Following last Friday's shambolic afternoon in which he supposedly attempted to sit in first class with a standard class ticket, George Osborne stumbled on an interview question over whether he had ever sat in standard class on a train on Thursday.

Osborne refused to flatly confirm or deny the question, instead replying "I am not getting into my train travel now," when asked by Sky News' Ed Conway if he had ever used standard class seating on a train on Thursday.

However, Osborne was defended by a former Tory media adviser, Ed Staite, who wrote on Twitter that this was "not a story", claiming he had sat with Osborne in standard class when he worked with the party between 2005 and 2007.

On Friday morning, Labour's Angela Eagle criticised Osborne's over the incident, saying: "The hapless part-time chancellor was bumbled out of the goods exit at Euston to avoid the waiting media... No wonder this government has gone off the rails."

The interview came on the same morning as good GDP figures for the Government, showing a 1% rise in the last three months, bringing the UK out of recession.