Chancellor of the Exchequer

Rather than spreading negative attitudes, the government needs to help workplaces make sure their applications are accessible to people with a disability
I had to go to over 50 interviews before I got my job. It was hard and upsetting but I knew why. I have a learning disability
The anti-apartheid activist has handed transcripts of the Gupta's banking transactions with HSBC to UK authorities.
The UK says it is taking the allegations seriously.
The Ex-Chancellor burnishes his credentials as a local MP (with five other jobs).
George Osborne has used an open letter to constituents to brag about his successes as a local MP - despite wielding the heavy
The Autumn budget will be an indicator of how well the economy is doing and we could see some more announcements being made. can also be dubbed the Brexit Budget because the likely impact from Article 50 and negotiations may change the way the Government does business.
On Wednesday the Chancellor of the Exchequer will make his first Budget Statement. It'll also be the first Budget since Brexit. Pursuing a deliberate economic strategy outside the Single Market and the European customs union will require a complete reconfiguration of Treasury policy.
As Britain prepares to borrow more than £215bn in the next five years, and with the economy is flux as the consequences of the Brexit vote unfold, can UK businesses afford to raise the National Living Wage? Simple maths says that if we produce more, we sell more, and the country as a whole will make more money. Here's five reasons why, if we can figure out the productivity problem, I say yes.