25/10/2012 05:26 BST

Barack Obama Responds To Donald Trump With Kenya Joke (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama hit back at Donald Trump's attempts to emotionally blackmail him into proving (again) that he was born in the United States - by mocking him on national television.

Obama appeared on the Jay Leno's Tonight programme on Wednesday evening, and the talk show host asked him: "What's this thing with Trump and you? What's he got against you?"

"This all dates back to when we were growing up in Kenya," Obama explained to laughter. "We had constant run-ins on the soccer field, you know he wasn't very good and resented it."

Obama added: "When we finally moved to America I thought it would be over."

On Wednesday Donald Trump released a video demanding Obama make public his college and passport applications in order to prove he was born in the United States. In exchange the billionaire businessman said he would donate $5m to charity.

Obama also revealed he has never met Trump. although they were in the same room at last year's White House correspondents dinner where the president mocked Trump for questioning whether he was born in the US. Trump was not amused.

Trump's much publicised "major announcement" was widely mocked on Twitter. On Friday The Guardian asked Trump whether he would release his own college and passport applications to prove where he was born. The newspaper was told not to be so "stupid".