26/10/2012 05:48 BST | Updated 26/10/2012 12:14 BST

Sadiq Khan: Brits Know 'Bugger All' About Their Own History

Labour's shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan has said many recent immigrants have a better understanding of British history than people who were born in the UK.

In an interview with parliament's House magazine, Khan said: "One of the frustrations I have is I often meet people who have gone through the citizenship ceremony who are so excited and so enthused and then I’ll be canvassing in my area and there’ll be people who have lived in the same home for three or four or five generations who know bugger all about our country, about our heritage.

"It frustrates me that you’ve got new citizens who have an obligation to learn about our country but we aren’t doing enough to make sure everyone shares that knowledge.”

David Cameron came unstuck last month when he was subjected to a quiz on British history by US TV host David Letterman.

The prime minister managed to answer most of the questions correctly, however was infamously unable to provide the English translation of Magna Carta - Great Charter - and hesitated a while before naming Runnymede as the location of its signing.

How well do you know your British history? The following is a set of questions drawn up by Red Squirrel Publishing from the official study materials published by the Home Office, A Journey to Citizenship.

The questions are not the actual ones that would be asked but are a good representation of what would-be citizens would face.

UK Citizenship Test