Swansea Students Made To 'Drink Each Other's Vomit' In Shocking Initiation Ceremonies

Students Made To 'Drink Each Other's Vomit'

Sports societies at a university in Wales have come under the spotlight after rumours students were made to "drink each other's vomit" during initiation ceremonies.

Swansea University students were made to roll in vomit and urine, and drink alcohol shots through tampons, according to the student union's newspaper The Waterfront.

"We had to down a can of beer, a bottle of wine, then throw up into a bucket, swap buckets then drink each other’s sick... losers in each had to suck a fart out of each other’s arses," a member of the university's intramural football team told the paper.

The head of intramural football, Owen Harries, told the paper all team captains denied any initiation nights took place.

"The league fully condemns this sort of activity and believes it has no place in university sport."

Despite initiations being banned by the students' union, one student, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "I was told they had to drink a litre of alcohol before being sick and peeing in a bucket. The contents of the bucket were thrown down a slide and they had to roll in it."

According to another source, the women's rugby team was made to drink shots of Aftershock through tampons.

Swansea's student sports officer Imogen Stanley said as no complaint had been lodged, there would be no investigation taking place.

"If the students' union is made aware of any such activity [initiations], appropriate action will be taken."

A university spokesperson said the institution expects all students to follow the student charter, which states students must "Behave in a responsible manner in the local community and avoid activities likely to bring the university into disrepute."

The university's student union is not the first to come under the spotlight for initiation ceremonies.

In 2010, York University fined its hockey club £200 after it made students drink a concoction of dog food, anchovies, raw eggs and goldfish.

In 2008, footage appeared of Gloucester University students paraded down the street with bags over their heads, drinking and vomiting, while being watched over by a man in a Nazi-style uniform.

In the same year, an inquest heard how 18-year-old Gavin Britton drank himself to death on a golf society social at Exeter University.

In 2003, 18-year-old Alex Doji of Staffordshire University, choked to death on his own vomit. At a university rugby club initiation ceremony, Alex was made to pick deflated balloons out of a tub of dog food, chilli and offal.

The National University of Students (NUS) has made very clear it condemns such university initiations.

"We are totally opposed to student initiations. They put students at serious risk and exclude students who don't want to take part in that binge-drinking culture."

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