30/10/2012 17:48 GMT | Updated 30/10/2012 17:49 GMT

Baby Parrots Are Very Excited About Meal-Time (VIDEO)

Alright, lads - calm down!

Today's oooh-oooh-aren't-they-cute video shows a bunch of baby Quaker parrots squawking and jumping up and down with excitement as they realise they're about to be fed.

YouTuber quazy4quakers - who's presumably a big parrot fan - explains: "These babies are waiting for lunch and practising the idea of 'step up'. At each feeding, babies are told, 'Step up' when I move them in and out of the feeding basket. They learn to associate 'Step up' with being picked up and with something good - food!" Got that? You learn something new every day, don't you?

Anyway, enough of this! Ever wondered who'd win in a fight between a parrot, a Chihuahua and a yoghurt pot? It's time to find out...