The flightless bird was plucked from the runway and taken to a nearby zoo to feast on fish.
The Vampire singer said her biggest fear is a beast that lacks even "one body part that looks like ours."
Pesky birds stripped an orchard, days ahead of the public picking event at the Cotehele medieval property, managed by the National Trust in southwest England.
"Murphy does not need a real egg to feel accomplished," the World Bird Sanctuary said of the somewhat confused bird.
The dusky tetraka, last seen by scientists in 1999, was spotted hopping around the dense forest undergrowth.
Harrowing scenes showing fleeing kangaroos, burnt koalas and dead birds have appeared on social media.
You should stare down seagulls to save your chips, research has found. A new study by the University of Exeter discovered that seagulls are less likely to steal food when they’re being stared at. Researchers found that the birds took 21 seconds longer on average to steal chips while they were being watched.
Researchers say they are seeing more gulls "looking for an easy meal" 🍟🐦