31/10/2012 08:41 GMT | Updated 01/11/2012 09:03 GMT

Movember Moustaches From Great Artists And Authors

This Movember, why not use your charity fundraising moustache to mimic some of the greatest cultural figures from history?

If it sounds like a tall order it isn't - authors and artists down the years have relished growing outlandish, overwhelming or just plain out-of-order facial fuzzes, from Salvador Dali's bull horns to George Orwell's half-pencil, to at least one female with a moustache of her own...

To provide you with some inspiration for the long road ahead (or for some like yours truly, the impossible road ahead), we've compiled the greatest moustaches from the history of art and literature - all of which can be twirled thoughtfully as you pay homage to these geniuses of the past and present.

Cultural Movember Heroes

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