31/10/2012 08:59 GMT | Updated 30/12/2012 10:12 GMT

iPad Mini Review Round-Up: How Good Is Apple's Latest Device?

Apple announced its iPad Mini last week, and with a light-weight form-factor, a 7.9 inch screen and the same iOS magic present in the iPhone and iPad, it seems like a surefire hit.

But since the release some have seemed less impressed. For some tech insiders, the tablet is too expensive, too compromised and too, well, mini to turn into Apple's next big thing.

We'll be reviewing the iPad Mini next week, once we've had a chance to really get to grips with it. But what do the early reviewers conclude?

Take a look at the highlights from the best of the reviews so far.

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The Verge: The Best Small Tablet In The World (9/10)

"There's no tablet in this size range that's as beautifully constructed, works as flawlessly, or has such an incredible software selection. Would I prefer a higher-res display? Certainly. Would I trade it for the app selection or hardware design? For the consistency and smoothness of its software, or reliability of its battery? Absolutely not. And as someone who's been living with (and loving) Google's Nexus 7 tablet for a few months, I don't say that lightly."

Daring Fireball: A 'Terrible' Screen - But It Doesn't Matter

"If the Mini had a retina display, I'd switch from the iPad 3 in a heartbeat. As it stands, I'm going to switch anyway. Going non-retina is a particularly bitter pill for me, but I like the iPad Mini's size and weight so much that I'm going to swallow it. My guess is that this is going to play out much like the iPod and iPod Mini back in 2004: the full-size model will continue to sell strongly, but the Mini is going to become the bestselling model."

Engadget: For The Right Customer, This Is A No-Brainer

"Those comparing this to the Kindle Fire HD will have a hard time, as that's a tablet manufactured to a fixed cost and designed to sell you content. This is very much more. Similarly, the hardware here is much nicer than the Nexus 7 and it offers access to the comprehensively more tablet-friendly App Store, but whether that's worth the extra cost depends entirely on the size of your budget -- and your proclivity toward Android."

Wall Street Journal: The Lack Of HD Video Is An Odd Omission

"Unlike its closest competitors, the mini can't play video in high definition. Apple insists the device does better than standard definition, if you are obtaining the video from its iTunes service, since iTunes scales the video for the device, so it will render somewhere between standard definition and HD. It says some other services will do the same. But the lack of true HD gives the Nexus and Fire HD an advantage for video fans. In my tests, video looked just fine, but not as good as on the regular iPad."

Stuff: Big Enough - And Clever Enough

"If the thought of dropping over £300 on a big iPad has stopped you from joining the Apple slab brigade so far, the iPad Mini should look very tempting right now. And if you've ever thought the iPad was just too big, or if you're the kind of person who carries both a big-screen tablet and a Kindle every day, the iPad Mini could well be the only device you really need. It looks sexy, you'll barely notice it in your bag, and it's got the apps to back up that price tag."