03/11/2012 07:44 GMT

BBC Radio 1 Bosses Decide Robbie Williams Is 'Too Old' For Airtime

Fans of Robbie Williams may not be hearing many of his songs on Radio 1 any time soon, as the station bosses have branded him too old to get airtime.

The station puts new tracks into categories, with the A list getting the most airtime - but the Angels singer has failed to even get a C list ranking, meaning his new single Candy is getting minimal plays.

Although Robbie has been overlooked at the age of 38, there are plenty of other acts including Coldplay and Madonna who are enjoying prominent airtime on the station's daytime show.

The decision to keep his track off the air is all the more odd as Robbie had been a guest on Greg James' show recently.

Speaking to The Sun, a spokesperson for the BBC radio station said: "Radio 1 see it not as a question of age, but of relevance. They think there are more acts appropriate to their target audience of 15-29."

While the station might think Robbie is a bit past it, bosses of The X Factor clearly have other ideas, as Robbie featured heavily last weekend, first providing a master class to the contestants and then performing live on Sunday's programme.

He is, however, getting plenty of airtime over on Radio 2, which may be having some impact on his single sales as Candy is headed straight to the top spot this weekend.

And if it does reach the top spot, Radio 1 will be forced to play it on Sunday's Official Chart Show.