05/11/2012 04:09 GMT

Boris Johnson Tells Mitt Romney: Pay The Congestion Charge, Win The Election

Boris Johnson has advised Mitt Romney to shake off America's reputation as an "arrogant hyperpower" by making a game changing pledge to the world - paying the London congestion charge.

With just one day to go until election day and the polls showing Obama holding a slight edge in the battleground states, the London mayor has a suggestion for how Romney can convince American voters to switch their support to him.

"Mitt needs a last-minute symbolic act of American humility and goodwill, and the one I propose is relatively painless," Boris says in his Daily Telegraph column.

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"He doesn’t need to sign up to the International Criminal Court, or the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. He doesn’t have to close a single military base, and he doesn’t have to resile one bit from America’s amazing and arrogant doctrines of extra-territoriality on everything from extradition to personal taxation.

No. Instead Romney should announce that his first act as president would be to stump up for all American diplomatic vehicles in London to pay the congestion charge.

Boris says: "He will instantly write a cheque for the fines that US vehicles have incurred, now standing at more than £7 million, in the course of about 61,000 infractions since the scheme began."

"He could show that America is not the arrogant hyperpower her enemies suggest, but a country that understands her place in the comity of nations, a country that is willing to muck in, a country that is willing – in the immortal words of President J F Kennedy – to pay any price, to bear any burden in the cause of reconciliation."

Although after Boris led 60,000 Londoners in mocking him it is unclear whether Romney would actually welcome the support of the mayor. Or take his advice.