05/11/2012 11:56 GMT | Updated 05/11/2012 12:10 GMT

The US Election: Behind The Scenes In The Writers' Room (VIDEO)

Ever wondered what it's like in the writers' room of the US election? (You did realise it was scripted, right?)

Well, wonder no more. Finite Funnies (who have also just produced this little gem) have taken their cameras behind the scenes on the must-watch TV spectacle that's been gripping the world for the past... well, what seems like forever.

Laugh! As the writers on the show brainstorm ideas such as "Ryan has a hippy twin" and "Romney goes on a hunting trip on exactly the same day that Michelle dresses like a bear". Giggle! As the camera pans through the plot ideas written on index cards (our personal favourite? 'ROMNEY SECRETLY DATING MICHELLE'). Sigh! When you realise that somewhere, in some campaign team, things really probably haven't been very different from the scenario you're watching.

It's a delight for all lovers of a) US politics, b) comedy writing and c) writers of comedy about US politics (that'll be the 'Veep' team, then). As are the clips below, of course - our favourite Mitt Romney spoofs... so far: