Obama Art: Paintings, Sculptures And Comics Inspired By President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama's fall from American saviour and harbinger of world peace to fallible politician who might yet lose an election to Mitt Romney has been a harrowing sight, both within the US and abroad where we hoped he'd turn out to be the antithesis of George W. Bush.

But despite continuing an aggressive foreign policy of drone strikes, struggling to win over the middle east and failing to unite Republicans and Democrats at home, there is at least one area where Obama remains distinct from his predecessor and arguably any president in history.

Since the heady, hopeful days of his election four years ago Obama has inspired artists around the world in a way few Western leaders ever have - not just to satirise and condemn him (like the endless Bush parodies) but to pay tribute.

His rhetoric of hope, his charm and idealism and his inherent significance as America's first black president have given rise to endless paintings, sculptures and cartoons, and despite the feeling of anticlimax running through American political discourse about his record, this shows no sign of slowing down.

The brilliant Art Of Obama website is the best attempt yet to crowd source and curate these artworks, and on the eve of the American election that will determine not just the President's fate but the next four years of global politics, we present a collection of our favourites.

Obama Art