Hundreds of artworks highlight the very best of east London. Here's what they mean.
A painting by Italian artist Cimabue, believed to have been made around 1280, was discovered in the kitchen of a woman's home in the French town of Compiègne. An auctioneer inspecting the property encouraged the woman to have the painting assessed and the work is now expected to sell for about 4-6 millions euros at auction.
The suspects reportedly drove away with the artwork in a truck.
The tweet has received more than 1,000 replies, and she was later forced to apologise.
The actor offers his interpretation of “Christianity, Trump style”.
The actor’s White House portrait gives the devil his due.
The actor cast the two leaders in a “Let’s Make A Deal” scenario that’s no game.
Flying in space was a life-changing experience and one that left me with a lasting perspective of our reality
"People can't handle the truth, especially when it's painted out in a picture for them."
Museum educators are grappling with the future of art history’s questionble works.