06/11/2012 07:08 GMT | Updated 06/11/2012 08:14 GMT

Obama Vs Romney - The Computer Game Fight (VIDEO)

Yes, we know you're all sick of the non-stop coverage of the US election campaign. In fact, you've probably just come to Huffington Post UK Comedy for some well-earned respite and were hoping to see some daft puppies or - at the very least - a bear on a slide.

But, look at this. Look! The utterly brilliant video above shows the Obama-versus-Romney battle through the eyes of a gamer. And if someone doesn't make this game for real before Christmas, we'll be very disappointed.

Just one thing, though: we're really not happy about the game's eventual outcome. Could we see an immediate rematch please?

Now, brace yourselves for a whole load more Mitt Romney spoofs. Go on - you know you want to really...

Mitt Romney Spoofs