08/11/2012 08:24 GMT

Britain's Meanest Cat? (PHOTOS)

oscar cat

Now, we love cats as much as the next soppy middle-aged woman. But even we can't help feeling a little disappointed in five-year-old Oscar from Wingrave, Buckinghamshire, whose bad behaviour has earned him the nickname "ASBO cat".

Apparently, naughty Oscar has been running amok in the village - and even put a retired lieutenant colonel in hospital for six days after mauling his right arm. Victim Tom Ridgeway, 77, told the Daily Mail: "He can be very aggressive and will even attack dogs and people."

Locals have now reportedly taken to carrying water pistols to defend themselves against Oscar's attacks.

Mind you, it wasn't always this way. A couple of years ago, angelic-looking Oscar starred in an Ikea advert, along with some of his moggy mates...

Maybe the exposure just went to his head. You know what these showbiz types are like...

Anyway, not everyone in Wingrave hates Oscar. His owner, Caroline Hughes, thinks the world of him - and was pretty chuffed when he turned up unharmed after going missing for a couple of weeks recently. "Life just wasn't the same without him," she admitted.

Caroline is now looking into herbal therapy to treat Oscar's anger issues and aggression. Yeah, good luck with that, mate...

Right, water pistols at the ready! Take a look at our snaps of Oscar in action... including one of him as an ikkle kitten. Aww!

Oscar The Grouch