09/11/2012 09:53 GMT

Picture Of The Day: Squirrel Gets Trapped In Bird Feeder (PHOTO)

Serves you right, Nutkin!

This excellent action shot shows the exact moment a naughty nut-nicking squirrel realised he was trapped inside a rodent-proof bird feeder...


Don't panic, folks! The bushy-tailed trespasser did manage to wriggle free eventually - but not before photographer George Reszeter had taken this great snap of it.

George spotted the squirrel in his garden in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, when he went out to fill the feeder with more nuts.

"As soon as it escaped it ran like hell out of the garden," George told the Daily Mail. "I was more surprised than anything when I saw it. I think it must have been fairly young, as an adult would have been too big to squeeze through."

Mind you, squirrels are very good at getting themselves out of potentially hairy situations. Remember this little fella, for example?