09/11/2012 05:23 GMT | Updated 09/11/2012 05:35 GMT

This Morning Controversial Moments: Naked Streaking, Farting, Ali G And Rectal Probing (VIDEO)

From prostate probing to naked streaking, ITV's This Morning has a history littered with controversial moments.

While some have been praised for breaking down social taboos – such as men checking their testicals for cancer – others have just been downright amusing.

Here’s some of the most unforgettable moments in This Morning’s history.


No words can describe this interview. Click play, sit back and hide behind your own hands. It's a car crash.


Back in 2000, the world was a very different place. But it was still a place where TV presenters could make total fools of themselves. Enter Richard Madeley.

For some reason he decided it would be a good idea to adopt the look of spoof rapper Ali G.

The presenter wore a bright yellow shell suit and hat at the start of the ITV programme.

Madeley even sported Ali G's beard and spoke in his distinctive "gangsta lingo" as he discussed ideas he had for the show with bemused co-host Judy Finnigan.


Presenter Paul Ross won praise for agreeing to have a rectal examination live on air.

It was one of the moments where 'This Morning' showed how it could raise awareness about important issues.

Still, it's a grown man having a finger pushed up his bottom - groundbreaking stuff!


Phillip Schofield did well to restrain his wrath when he was forced to say sorry over an on-air blunder.

The host had to apologise to viewers for a segment in the show covering porn star lovers, which turned out to be a load of rubbish.

Schofield and co-host Holly Willoughby had interviwed former Shipwrecked winner Adam Child, who was complaining - Jeremy Kyle style - about being dumped by his girlfriend TJ after she'd been offered a hardcore pornography contract.


ITV was forced to apologise to This Morning viewers after an actor working for a TV production company fooled them into thinking he worked for a celebrity sperm bank.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were shocked when 'a businessman' called Dan Richards appeared on the show to talk about FameDaddy, which he called the "first celebrity sperm donor service".

It's now been revealed that the company is a hoax and ITV has apologised to viewers who were "deliberately misled by this stunt".


There was a time when getting your scrotum out on national TV could have landed you in jail, but no longer.

This Morning pushed the limits when it first showed the importance for men of checking for lumps and bumps.

Here's a recent example of a perfectly calm man getting it all out on live TV.


Eamonn Holmes shocked viewers after he asked a female sex addict why she "doesn't make a business of it" and turn to prostitution.

The ITV presenter questioned Crystal Warren - who claimed to have slept with more than 1,000 men - on whether she'd ever thought of "charging for it" on Tuesday's programme.

Holmes casually enquired: "If you need this five or six times a day, have you never thought about making a business of it?"


Ok, we all know about the infamous streaker on the weather map, right? Well who remembers when the streaker was then interviewed and started breaking wind?

In another remarkable moment of TV history, Schofield, ever the pro, ploughs on through the tough interview.