09/11/2012 04:58 GMT

Truffles The Guinea Pig Performs World Record Leap (VIDEO)

Move over, Mo Farah, Bradley Wiggins and Jessica Ennis. We'd like to put forward another contender for Sports Personality of the Year: Truffles the guinea pig, who's just reclaimed the world record for the longest leap. (The longest leap by a guinea pig, that is. Obviously.)

As you'll no doubt recall, the four-year-old pet from Fife originally set the record at a very impressive 30cm back in March. But his reign at the top was cut short when another pesky guinea pig from Peru smashed that record shortly afterwards.

However, it'll take more than an attention-seeking Peruvian to keep Truffles down. And he's now added 18cm to his previous benchmark by jumping a whopping 48cm (yes, 48cm) between two boxes. And you can see exactly how he did it in the video above.

His secret? Curly kale. Owners Chloe and Nicole Macari lured Truffles across the great divide by placing some of the green leafy vegetable on the second box.

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