11/11/2012 11:32 GMT | Updated 12/11/2012 05:38 GMT

Venice Flooding Fails To Discourage Tourists, While 200 Evacuated After Heavy Rain In Tuscany

Flooding in Tuscany has led to the evacuation of more than 200 people while high waters in Venice have left more than two thirds of the city submerged.

North west Tuscany was most severely affected, particularly in the regions of Massa and Carrara. Residents were warned not to go out and told to stay on the upper floors of their homes.

Officials in Northern Italy expressed concern over landslides following last year’s disaster in Genoa and Liguira when devastating flash floods killed 15 people.

Streets in the historic town of Pisa are also flooded and some houses have been left without electricity.

Meanwhile in Venice ‘acqua alta’ or high water season, has been one of the highest ever recorded, with some parts of the city submerged under five feet of water.

A few tourists had a more free and easy approach to the high waters, venturing out to see the sights despite the flooding.