12/11/2012 13:21 GMT | Updated 13/11/2012 07:19 GMT

BBC Crisis: Acting Director General Tim Davie Appears To Walk Out On Sky News Interview

The BBC has entered some extremely choppy waters of late with Director-General George Entwistle resigning over a disastrous Newsnight broadcast.

The nail in his coffin was perhaps the humiliating mauling he received from John Humphrys on Saturday's Today programme.

But Tim Davie - the man brought in to steady the ship and steer it into calmer seas and who proclaimed that he was going to "get a grip on the BBC" - has seen Entwistle's Today interview, and raised it by one interview with Sky News that ends with him walking off the set mid-question (scroll down for the video in full).

On Monday Dermot Murnaghan forcefully asked Mr Davie, the Acting Director General, if the current crisis was Mr Entwistle's fault.

Mr Davie - eyes possibly darting to a BBC press officer in the background, judging from a suspicious-looking reflection - didn't look entirely comfortable fielding this question and eventually cut Murnaghan off, saying "I will go now, I've got a lot to do".

The thing is, Murnaghan hadn't finished. "Are more heads going to roll, Mr Davie?" he asked as Mr Davie began walking away from the camera.

Mr Davie then pauses, says "thank you" - and walks off, with the camera panning round to follow him.

"Well there we are. Tim Davie ending his interview there with Sky News. Bet he wouldn’t do that to the BBC..." quipped Sky's news anchor.

It looked for all the world like a shambolic performance - at the end, anyway - but the BBC's corporate communications department insists that the interview merely overran.

A spokesperson told Huffington Post UK: "He didn't walk off. He was doing a series of interviews and the interview overran. He needed to get to the next interview. He wasn't walking off in a huff."


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