13/11/2012 19:01 GMT

Italy Floods: Three People Killed In Tuscany As Venice Waters Recede

Three occupants of a car have been swept to their deaths off a collapsed bridge in Tuscany, reports the BBC.

Northern and central Italy has been hit by a third day of heavy rain and flooding which has caused travel disruption, power cuts and the threat of landslides.

Rivers have burst their banks across the Tuscany region and neighbouring Umbria.

italy floods

70% of Venice was under water at one point

A 73-year-old man was drowned in his car on Monday after it became submerged by water from the Chiarone river.

According to Reuters, the Governor of Tuscany, Enrico Rossi, has appealed to the army for help.

He said: "It has been devastating. I saw at least six bridges destroyed in the hills, floods, landslides, vineyards and olive groves swept away."

Venice was hit particularly hard on Sunday, with the ‘acqua alta’ or high water season, being one of the highest ever recorded.

Some parts of the historic were city submerged under five feet of water on Sunday, though this has since receded slightly.

A few tourists had a more free and easy approach to the high waters, venturing out to see the sights despite the flooding.

Venice Floods