Prince Charles: Clarence House Debunks Royal Myths

Prince Charles is a tax-dodging, egg-chomping, modernity-hating toff who drives around in a Bentley with a boot stuffed full of lavender oil.

Well, not quite… but if the questions submitted to Clarence House are anything to go by then this is the view that some members of the public seem to have.

In an effort to de-bunk some of the myths surrounding the Prince of Wales, Clarence House has published a list of 26 frequently asked questions along with some firm rebuttals and enlightening explanations.

"I'll take them all"

Amongst the most hotly anticipated answers was the clarification of how many eggs the Prince eats for breakfast.

According to Jeremy Paxman's 2006 book, On Royalty, Charles demands seven eggs, all cooked to varying degrees so that he can select the one he prefers the most.

Clarence House's said: "He doesn't and never has done, at breakfast or any other time."

"Yes, this is more like it"

Other questions ask whether he hates all modern architecture and whether he advocates untested and "dangerous alternative medical therapies", a reference to his lobbying of the NHS to offer homeopathic remedies.

Clarence House inform us that he is in fact a patron of a number of modern architects and he promotes "a wider, preventative approach to healthcare by addressing the underlying social, lifestyle and environmental causes…"

The Prince's tax contributions, staff numbers and religion are also popular avenues of enquiry.

The full list of FAQs can be read here.